Y7 Germany 2022

Communiqué & Tracks

As of March 2022, the Y7 Delegates worked together on current challenges and developed policy recommendations in five priority areas (known as Tracks), which were summarised in a final Communiqué. The Communiqué was handed over to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and is guiding advocacy efforts on behalf of the young generation.

The following priorities have been selected as the most urgent and relevant issues for youths globally and are linked to the main themes of the G7 Presidency:

Sustainable & Green Planet
Economic Transformation for Shared Progress
Resilience of Democracies
Global Health & Solidarity

In light of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, a fifth priority has been added. A Delegation from Ukraine also participated at the Youth7 Summit:

Youth, Peace & Security

At the Y7 Summit, Delegates debated these systemic challenges, developed policy recommendations and adopted a joint Communiqué that was presented to the to Germany’s Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Youth7 2022 Communiqué