Y7 Germany 2022


The youth engagement process is shaped and led by young people themselves. Carolina Claus and Benjamin Günther co-chair the Youth7 Summit and are supported by eight volunteer coordinators (so-called Track Sherpas).  Each G7 member (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States of America, European Union) is invited to send a Delegation of four delegates. Furthermore, this year’s partner countries Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa and Ukraine were invited to attend th Youth7 Summit 2022. 

G7 Delegations

Delegation of Canada (CA) 

Delegation of France (FR) 

Delegation of Germany (GE) 

Delegation of Italy (IT) 

Delegation of Japan (JP) 

Delegation of United Kingdom (UK) 

Delegation of the United States of America (US) 

Delegation of the European Union (EU) 

Partner Countries

Delegation of Indonesia (ID) 

Delegation of Senegal (SN) 

Delegation of South Africa (ZA) 

Delegation of Ukraine (UA) 

How can one join as Delegate? 
Following an open application process in their respective countries, the Delegates have been chosen by their respective International Organising Committees upon the criteria of their advocacy work and political engagement, strong interest in multilateralism and professional expertise.