Y7 Germany 2022

Visit to German Bundestag and Final Vote on Y7 Communiqué

Y7 Daily Report - Wednesday 18 May 2022

After a late-night Working Session, our Delegates arrived a little tired but excited to begin the third day of the Youth7 Summit 2022. Final workshops were held to fine-tune the political recommendations and calls to action before the delegates visited the German Bundestag. In the evening, the final vote on the Youth 7 Communiqué took place.

18.05.2022 / Vera Lucienne Pritzkau

During the fifth and final Working Session, the five Tracks finalised their policy recommendations and calls to action, concentrated on incorporating feedback, editing the wording and formatting the document. Just before lunchtime, all final Track results were delivered to Co-Chairs Carolina Claus and Benjamin Günther, concluding the work portion of the Youth7 Summit.

While the Co-Chairs and organisers worked hard in the background to incorporate all the recommendations into one coherent Communiqué and prepare for the final vote, our international delegates headed to Germany’s upper house of parliament, the Bundestag, to meet with six Members of Bundestag, advocate for their core issues: Johannes Wagner, Merle Spellerberg, Anke Hennig, Kristian Klinck, Karl Bär and Klaus Wiener. Parliamentarian Johannes Wagner emphasised the need to meaningfully engage with young people at every political level and encouraged the delegates to organise and make their voices heard.

Inspired by this open and equitable dialogue with politicians, our Delegates gathered for the final vote on the Youth7 Communiqué. While most of the recommendations were adopted by all G7 Delegations, the EU delegation as well as the partner Delegations of Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa and Ukraine, some recommendations sparked a debate.

However, following intense negotiations, the final Youth7 Communiqué 2022 was adopted unanimously !

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